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This aircraft is descending via the Bell 212 from the well-known Bell UH-I.
This twin-engined version was developed in co-operation with Pratt & Whitney Canada as a result of a request of the Canadian Government.
This request was followed by an order for 50 examples of Bell model 212, which received the Canadian designation CUH-1N and were delivered in 1971 and 1972. later the designation was changed in CH-1235. Later further orders were received from the USAF, US Navy and the US MC.

Also a commercial civil variant was developed, known as the Bell Twin Two Twelve.

The Bell 412 is a variant of this 212, but equipped with four rotor blades.
Development start by the end of the seventies. The rotor had a smaller diameter. The prototype made its maiden flight in august 1979.
A variant was the Bell 412SP (Special Performance) with an enlarged fuel capacity and a higher take-off weight.
The Bell 412HP (High Performance) was a variant of the 412Sp with an improved transmission.
The Bell 412EP (Enhanced Performance) is equipped with a double automatic, digital flight control system.

Bell built over 700 examples and over 260 examples were license built by Agusta-Westland, Italy.

An overview of the variants:

  • CH-146 Griffon: A (Canadian built) Utility transport helicopter.
  • Bell Griffin HT1: Trainer the RAF.
  • Bell Griffin HAR2: A SAR-version based upon the Bell 412EP.
  • Agusta-Bell AB 412: Built by Agusta-Bell, Italy.
  • Agusta-Bell AB 412EP: Built by Agusta-Bell, Italy.
  • Agusta-Bell AB 412SP: Built by Agusta-Bell, Italy.
  • Agusta-Bell AB 412 Grifone: Built by Agusta-Bell, Italy military transport version.
  • Agusta-Bell AB 412 CRESO: Built by Agusta-Bell, Italy, equipped with ground search radar.
  • NBell 412: License built IPTN version.


Technical Information
Length with rotor   Rotor diameter: 14 m
Height: 4,6 m Tail Rotor diameter: 2,6 m
Empty weight: 2935 kg Full weight: 5400 kg
Engine type: Two Pratt & Whitney PT6T-3B rated 970 hp each
Max. speed: 255 km/hr Cruising speed: 216 km/hr
Range: 650 km Service ceiling:  
Crew: Two Passengers  



Since 1994 the RNLAF uses three Agusta-Bell AB-412SP for SAR-purpose based at no 303 squadron, air base Leeuwarden. These aircraft replaced the outdated Alouette III of the SAR flight. This type has been used for over 25 years.
The Bell 412 was used for search and rescue purposes, mainly above sea.
They are also used for transport of patients from the Wadden islands.
The aircraft are overall yellow and soon were nicknamed 'Tweety'.

The aircraft are all equipped with inflatable floats, mounted on the ski-undercarriage, a winch and the 'night sun' searchlight, which can be mounted under the nose, which contains a weather radar.

Usually one aircraft is on stand-by at the Vliehors range.

For civilian rescues the aircraft is used on average a 150 times per year, usually in close cooperation with the KNRM.



SerialConstruction-nr.Date in serviceDate out of serviceNotes
R-01 25630 04-03-1994    
R-02 25638 01-02-1994    
R-03 25641 06-05-1994    



1/72nd Scale

AgustaBell AB412SP AKleijn
A model of a Dutch Agusta-Bell 412SP, built by Adri Kleijn.

1/48th Scale

  • Italeri
    • Kit 2692:A model of the AB-212/UH-1N.

Modelling add-on

  • Eduard
    • Set 72-269: Detailing set for the Italeri kit.
  • Eduard
    • Set 48-235: Detailing set for Italeri kit 2692.
  • Belcher Bits
    • Set xx: CH146 Griffon (AB412) Conversion set (Italeri UH1N, set 2692) also for a Dutch AB412. The set contains a new gearbox, four blade rotor, Seats, Rescue hoist and a cable cutterskit.


  • -
    • Kit -: -.



The aircraft have one of the main rotor blades painted overall red for recognition purposes. Later all four blades had red parts applied

SchemeColour nameFS numberRAL numberHumbrolXtraColorVallejo ModelcolorVallejo Modelair
Standard #1Overall Yellow Yellow   1023 69 X108   71.002
Red   3020 174 X104   71.003
Orange   2009 19 -    
Blue   5017 - X318    
White   9016 130 X141    
Black   9017 - X104 70.951 71.001




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